Keko Hainswheeler is a wardrobe stylist, costume designer and Wardrobe director working between the music/fashion – entertainment, and advertising industry. Based between London, and LA.

 Focused on live events, Arena tours , music video’s and live performances for some of the music industry’s most noted artists, creating world-class wardrobe for artist’s such as, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Melanie Martinez, Skunk Anansie and P!nk.


Hainswheeler works closely with each recording artist and creative team to develop and materialize “client focused” artistic and innovative wardrobe.Whether this be fully custom created or styled edits, in a variety of visual styles and aesthetics that uniquely reinforce and embody each client’s performance and stage presence.

Highly skilled and creatively fearless, his vast industry experience and technical knowledge enables him to elevate each project to the fullest potential.Designing full performance and tour wardrobe for lead recording artist, dancers and band.

specifically build with specialist techniques to encompass stage choreography and performance/ touring durability.

Keko’s has a unique perspective not only as wardrobe stylist but also as a designer, utilizing these skills and talents allows productions where needed to be fully custom created including, textiles print, robotics and light-up effect all at the highest level ranging from outcomes From chic to maximal creating newness and luxury one of kind looks for his clients to stand out from the crowd in confidence.

Keko has also made an impact in the fashion industry designing and consulting 3 specialists Global collections for the denim super brand Diesel, As well as his work being featured in the fashion industry’s biggest worldwide publications/ photographers, which include, Vogue Homme Japan, Hunger, Dazed and confused, V magazine. and Vanity fair etc.

 His iconic wardrobe pieces have also been exhibited in prestigious museums all over the globe including the Grammy Museum Los Angeles, Design Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum  London. were he also invited to present a public talk about his career and fearless creative process.

Keko’s creates Icon looks for iconic performances.




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